Skatelite offers durability against the elements and the constant use skateparks endure from skaters and bikers looking to perfect their skills for hours at a time.


Skatelite offers reliability when you want a tough surface that withstands the test of time. More than 25 years of experience and engineering go into Skatelite.

Skatelite Pro is an ideal product for outdoor skateparks. It’s engineered to resist weather, fire, and constant punishment from skate wheels, falls, and bikes. 

Skatelite Traxion Technology represents the next generation of skate surfaces for indoor projects. Tiny honeycomb patterns embedded in the surface reduce friction between the skate wheels and ramp. It creates a more reliable grip while giving you more control and confidence.

Sizes & Colors

Sizes of sheets vary depending on your application. 

Skatelite and Skatelite Pro come in three colors: Natural, R50, and Slate. Traxion comes in Natural.


30 x 48 mini sheets for small ramps

4×8 sheets

5×12 sheets

Skatelite Pro

4×8 sheets

5×12 sheets


4×8 sheets





Skate Surface Projects

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